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Cost effective small servos with the best lead time in the industry.

Pacific Scientific's new PC800 servo drive is engineered to help your bottom line. It offers high performance and broad functionality in a compact package at an economical price, with one more key advantage - the shortest lead time in the industry.

In five days or less, this hardworking servo drive can be on its way to your plant, allowing you to meet your customers' needs quickly, without increased inventory costs. When it arrives, the PC800's easy-to-use software utility simplifies set-up and makes it easier to get systems up and running rapidly.

The PC800 matches the high performance of all Pacific Scientific drives. It features Pacific Scientific's patented DRDC (Digital Resolver to Digital Conversion) algorithm, and a 400 Hz velocity-loop bandwidth - the highest in the industry. Yet its all-digital servo capabilities come in a package with a 40% smaller footprint than equivalent older drives, making it ideal for applications where space is at a premium. 

Your bottom line also benefits because the PC800 is UL, cUL and CE compliant, and meets the CE low voltage directive without requiring additional isolation.

The PC800 is another example of Pacific Scientific's commitment to offering you high performance, custom products designed to fit your unique applications, backed by unmatched customer support and quality. 

When speed and efficiency are paramount, the pc800 servo drive delivers.

The PC800 Series is the next generation of Pacific Scientific's all digital brushless servo drives. It provides everything you've come to expect from a Pacific Scientific drive in a significantly smaller package, with just-in-time product availability.

40% smaller

At 3.5 in. wide x 8 in. tall x 6.25 in. deep, the PC800 is over 40% smaller than Pacific Scientific's SC900. These compact dimensions reduce enclosure space -permitting more efficient use of production space. A wide variety of industries stand to benefit from this increased efficiency, including packaging, electronic assembly, semiconductor manufacturing, printing and material handling. 

Easy to use

Like all Pacific Scientific drives, the PC800 can accept either step and direction or analog commands. Motion profiling is standard - the PC800's internal profile generator allows pre-set index moves. With the highest velocity-loop bandwidth in the industry - 400 Hz - you get simplified drive set-up and tuning, even for complicated mechanical systems. Advanced tuning also allows systems to settle quickly.

High-performing and versatile

Its 24-bit position resolution DRDC provides the PC800 with the smoothest low-speed performance in its class, and position accuracy as low as five arc minutes. Two available output power levels, each with integral power supplies, increase the PC800 Series' application flexibility: 3.6A continuous and 10.6A peak RMS power; or 7.1A continuous and 21.2A peak RMS currents. Using the optional fan kit, continuous currents increase by 50%. Its advanced anti-resonance filters are ideal for complicated mechanical systems. The PC800 drive supports both hall/encoders or resolver feedback in the same package.

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Intuitive on-line drive configuration is part of the PC800 family's PC830 Tools™ software suite. Make parameter selections or changes with a few clicks of the mouse. Saved selections go into non-volatile memory within the drive.

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The powerful digital oscilloscope function within PC830 Tools™ greatly streamlines the start-up of your application. Using the oscilloscope, you can combine the PC800's auto-tuning feature with the diagnostic graphic representation of the servo's parameters. You'll be up and running in no time!

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The new PC800 shares similar functionality and power output with the SC/SCE900 drives shown, but look at the size difference!

Drive/Motor Combinations

This table contains recommended pairings of Pacific Scientific PC800 Drives with PMA and S series brushless servomotors. In matching the PC800 family with its brushless servomotors, Pacific Scientific engineers analyzed real-world motion control applications and optimized the windings for maximum system performance. The combination of Pacific Scientific motors and drives results in higher performance and efficiency, delivering more - from .5 to 48.5 Nm - continuous usable torque in your application.

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