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FSPA Clutch/Brake and Control Packages for Presses
Clutch capacities to:
516,000 lbin
58.260 Nm

Brake capacities to:
336,200 lbin
37.960 Nm

Eaton Airflex (Fawick) FSPA packages feature drum type CB or VC air applied clutches fastened to standard bearing-mounted flywheels. These clutch/flywheel assemblies are then combined with drum type CS and CTE or disc type DBA spring-applied, air released brakes. Although designed primarily for punch press use, they have found application on all types of cyclic equipment. Eaton Airflex (Fawick) press controls feature two independent circuits electrically interlocked and monitored to provide two-hand protection


CBC Clutch/Brake Combination
Clutch capacities to:
1,140 ,000 lbin
128.799 Nm

Brake capacities to:
483,000 lbin
54.570 Nm

The Eaton Airflex (Fawick) CBC unit combines an air actuated disc clutch and spring- applied disc brake into a compact package, which can be readily adapted to new or existing flywheel drives. Designed primarily for high cyclic punch press service, the unit has been applied on a wide variety of high speed, high cyclic applications.


Type DCB
Clutch capacity:
75,000 lbin
8475 Nm

Brake capacity:
55,000 lbin
6215 Nm

Eaton Airflex (Fawick) DCB combination air-actuated disc clutches and spring-applied disc brakes were specifically designed for the can making industry. It is ideally suited for high speed continuously running machinery requiring an extremely fast stop.